Addressing pre-construction challenges when building a wind farm in Egypt: regulation, investment and feasibility studies

Increasing energy demands and pressure on fuel supplies is leading Egypt to invest in renewable energy sector. With Egypt targeting 7.2 GW of wind energy by 2020 the country has plans to become the MENA region hub for developing wind power.

The 2nd Annual Wind Power Egypt Conference is the only conference in the region focusing purely on Egyptian wind market. To be held from 9-10 October 2016 in Cairo Egypt the conference will explore regulations, legislative and legal frameworks and policies for Egypt’s wind power market. The event will shed light on both the competitive bidding and feed-in tariff models. Apart from highlighting the latest technologies in wind power generations the event will also highlight best practices for mitigating operational and maintenance challenges for wind power operations in Egypt and rest of North Africa.

The 2nd Wind Power Egypt conference is a key opportunity for regulators, developers, component providers, investors and other stakeholders interested in the Egyptian market to meet and formulate next steps for ensuring that the country meets its wind energy generation targets. This event will be combining a high-quality conference with a first-class exhibition and networking opportunities which will help identify best practices and technologies for minimising costs and enhancing operations of wind farms.

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What's New for 2016!

Feed in tariff scheme

  • Network with the key government authorities include NREA, EEHC and EgyptERA responsible for wind power projects in Egypt and gain an update on the FiT scheme for wind power development projects
  • Build partnerships with qualified wind power developers building the new small scale projects ranging from 20 MW - 50MW

Finance and investment

  • Meet and network with investors from commercial banks, development banks, equity funds, international governments and regional sovereign funds
  • Understand what is needed to secure financing for upcoming projects and gain insights into the available financial structures

Project updates

  • Gain updates on new wind power projects being constructed by developers including ACWA Power, ENGIE and many more
  • Learn about the developments of the Gabar El Zeit farm and plans for its maintenance

Storage and grid connection

  • Shedding light on the key concerns for grid connection including transit period, power fluctutations, harmonic dispositon and variance
  • Discussign best practices for energy storage for optimum utilisation of wind power

Key benefits of attending:

  • Learn about the current wind project schemes in Egypt including competitive bidding and Feed-in Tariff to understand how you can participate in upcoming wind power projects in Egypt
  • Get an update on the different development models, understand how developers are bidding for new projects and discover new business opportunities in Egypt’s wind energy market
  • Discover how to mitigate specific challenges related to heat and dust that affect the operations and efficiency of your wind turbine
  • Learn how developers and component providers can ensure bankability by liaising with banks and investors, understand the financial structures available and learn what is needed to secure funding for upcoming projects
  • Network with local authorities including NREA, EEHC and EgyptERA to gain an in-depth understanding about the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and licensing requirements to kick-start your wind power projects in the region

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Post Conference Workshop

Join our workshop on 11 October by Hossam Eldegwi, NREA, Egypt on the 200MW wind project in Gabel el-Zeit to learn about the future plans for this project, current and upcoming technology requirements and analysing the criteria and support required to construct wind farm projects in Egypt.

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